Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Attractions of 2011

No doubt this year we would be hosting one of our greatest events till date. To start with, we're breaking the ground with none other than Kavita Krishnamurty on Shashthi, that's 2nd October. Being a Sunday we're sure that most of your guys would find it convenient to come to our arena and enjoy a wonderful evening. I don't think we need to give you any introduction about our star artiste.

I know that there are other attractions at other places during Durga Puja. You would get to see some famous personalities from Calcutta. But we at Sarathi Socio Cultural Trust believe in always surprising you something. Our events are meant to give you a wholesome entertainment. If you've been a regular at our shows you already know what our USP is. We believe in entertaining not only you, but your kids, your parents, your friends who don't speak Bengali. Our motto is to entertain whoever comes to our place, whoever comes with you. Many programs may be rich in Bengali culture or tradition but it may not be appreciated by everyone. We never forget that being in Bangalore we can't be too regional. Bengali culture and tradition is great, no doubt. But as they say, when in Rome be a Roman. Wen out of Bengal be an Indian rather than a Bengali. That's the motivation of having lot of Hindi programs. We're proud to associate us with not only the Bengali people of Bangalore but also with anyone who chooses to stop by the Mangala Kalyan Mantapa.

And from that point of view none other than Kavita Krishnamurty can represent a pan Indian event. She speaks Bengali, sings Bengali songs and her fame as a Hindi playback singer is beyond any debate.

Apart from Kavita Krishnamurty we have Indian Blues, a fusion band featuring a grandson of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Saheb. Last year they had performed on Shashthi and had mesmerized with their unique music - they did Beatles, accompanied by Sarod. Isn't that fabulous. They would be enthralling you this time on Saptami, 3rd October.

Lastly, we have the young star from Calcutta - Iman!! Do a google search on him. He would be your Indian Idol on Navami!!

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