Monday, August 17, 2009

Rockin-Kiddos of Sarathi!!

One of the main attractions for the members of Sarathi is the in-house program. We've a lot of talent within us and there's no better place than our own events to put up our shows. Not only the adults, even our kids do have excellent talent. For the past many years we've put up quite a few in-house programs of very high quality. In spite of our professional commitment in our personal lives we do manage to take out time to practice for our programs. Most of the events have become almost regular stuff in all these years - we've been repeating the same format of shows every year.

This year we've added a new program - a fantastic musical by the "Rockin Kiddos" - the smart kids of the members of Sarathi. It's on Shashthi, 24th Sept, Thursday at 7pm and directed by Paulami.

The idea for "Rockin-Kiddos" came spontaneously from the members. Durga Puja is as much entertaining to us as to our kids. They do wait for a long time for that extra amount of freedom and night outs for those few days of the Puja. There's no doubt that they are extremely smart and have lot of energy and enthusiasm. On top of that most of the kids have been learning something or the other - something reminiscent of the sound of harmonium and singing from almost every house in any typical 'para' in Bengal. Though the 'gaaner didimoni' and the 'tablar master' are a thing of past in Bangalore. Kids now-a-days go to dance & key-board classes. Few of us have also managed to find out 'gaaner didimonis' even in Bangalore. Anyway, seeing the enthusiasm of the kids and the success of Ujjaini-di's song-n-dance programs, where the kids also participate along side their moms and aunties, we all decided that there should be also a program of music put up just by the kids!!

That's it... and we got Paulami to become the 'gaaner didimoni' of the kids..... So just wait for the launch of the Rockin Kiddos on 24th Sept.......!!

Another new addition is the evening of religious songs on Panchami, 23rd Sept, Wednesday.

The regular programs are:
  • A song and dance by the Sarathi Dance Troupe - a very popular show of choreography and recitation directed by Ujjaini

  • A program of Rabindrasangeet directed by Anuradha

  • A pure entertainment with Bollywood songs and dances by Jhankaar Beats

  • A Musical by Kohal

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