Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reminder: Bhoomi performs for Sarathi on 28th evening at Koramangala

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On 28th evening we'd be having the most popular band from Calcutta, Bhoomi, performing at Mangala Kalyan Mantapa on the occassion of Kali Puja and Diwali.

Bhoomi is the only band which defines its music as 'urban folk'.The band uses a fusion of modern, urban lyrics with Bangla rural folk tunes like Baul which was a very early style of music by wandering minstrels in rural Bengal or Bhatiyali (traditionally sung by the boatmen on the Ganga and also the Padma in Bangladesh). They have also re-done (remix would be an injustice to the band's style) old folk songs which were unknown to the modern day urban Bengali and revived such gems with an infusion of fresh music and a lively spririt and pep to the old songs.

Bhoomi is the first ever and the only Indian Band to perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival. They are also the only Indian band to perform at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. This was their 880th live performance - an incredible achievement for any live band who have resurrected Folk music from its forgotten and dust-gathered past. Their UN performance resulted in the group penning their first song in English - For a Better Day.

Bhoomi uses a wide range of acoustic instruments that include the thumbas, bongos, dotara, djembe, drums, violin, flute, khanjira, mandolin, banjo, khamak, matka, handi, guitar, castanets, tambourine, kanshar ghanta, conch, resso, blues harp, pan flute, spring drum, steel drum, melodica, blues harp, harmonium, piano, moorcing, ektara, recorders, tabla, balalaika, dugdugi, dubki, edakkaii ,cowbells, chimes, dholak, khol, madol etc.

The blend of these wide range of instruments contributes to the atmosphere of a Bhoomi lyric.

Bhoomi is known to play most of these instruments live on stage along with a whole lot of sound effects, storm effect (Song Pocha Kaka from the album Jatra Shuru) bird sounds (Song Doel Doley from the album Udaan, Smriti from the album Paal Chhutechhe, Dustu Haowa from the album Jatra Shuru) and train effects (Song Logen express from the album Udaan), LIVE without using pre programmed sound from the keyboard.

More can be read at Bhoomi's web-site: and also at Sarathi's web-site:

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